The Human Body

Well, Well, Well

The human body itself is a miraculous feat of engineering. When properly maintained and nurtured the body can perform feats of greatness only previously imagined. This is why the Wellness industry in the United States is one of the fastest growing industries. People are concentrating on what they put In their bodies like never before. Younger generations are surprisingly healthy due to making better choices as far as what they consume. My generation loved McDonald’s and other process foods compared to nowadays a pre teen will choose Bibibop. Oh……how things have changed and I ask……how did we get here?

Huge amounts of Information is readily available at the touch of a finger in today’s society. Companies like Beyond Meat are capitalizing on this vegan boom. Beyond Meat is quickly becoming a household name and if you don’t know who they are, you will soon. In the first nine months of 2018 they made 56.4 million dollars selling plant based meat. In 2019 they are on track to far exceed number.

Even Little Caesars just announced that they will begin making a plant based sausage pizza for these savvy palette youths. Oh yeah…for a real sausage pizza you are going to fork up 10.50 for a plant based sausage bring 12.00.

The long term results of this feverish health first mentality is still unknown but quality of life has to improve with better day to day dietary habits.

More Americans are actively working out today than ever. Mix this active lifestyle with healthy eating and you may see humans begin to live well into their mid 100s in the next 250 years.

So with all this being said where do you find yourself on the wellness chart? Are you living an active lifestyle? Are you keeping keen eye on what you are eating on a daily basis?

Now is the best time in history to embark on a personal wellness campaign. Science and fitness have come together with technology and the outcome is healthier humans.

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