Trust The Process

Set your goals high. Yes this is a very true statement but it has to be expanded upon. With setting your goals high you will experience many heart breaking setbacks along the way. If achievement of lofty goals were easy of course the rate of accomplishment would he higher.

• Its important to take small steps In the right direction

Be wary of setting unrealistic timelines. There is no get rich quick schemes in what you are trying to achieve. It is going to take patience and take the time to acknowledge your small achievements often as needed.

• Dont gauge your success off of other people’s experiences

Everyone’s path to greatness or lack thereof is different. It is ok to learn from other people’s plights but when your personal reality is different DO NOT feel any kind of way about it. Make your uniqueness your value!

• Stop and take personal inventory often

Sometimes the best advice you can receive will come from your own sub-conciousness. Take the time to know yourself, then you can trust your gut!

Look at it like this……..

When you are in school you usually go through your lesson plans on Monday and Tuesday, then maybe a brief quiz on Wednesday to make sure you are getting a grasp of the information. A lot of times the same questions on the quiz will be on The Test usually on Friday.

On your “Chase for Greatness”remember if you study hard and ace the quizzes you will surely be
ready for the TESTS!

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